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Chill Out

Pool Sizes

14'  x  35'

16'  x  35'

16'  x  40'

Imagine yourself relaxing and keeping cool while soaking up the sun's warm rays on Aspen's fabulous tanning ledge.

1.   Huge 12" deep tanning ledge, is perfect for ledge loungers.

2.  Non-skid surface on the floor, stairs and benches is easy on your feet and your suit.

3.  Extended bench gives you a place to relax, unwind and socialize.

4.  Dual swim outs and benches provide comfort and convenience in the deep-end of the pool.

5. Courtesy ledge around the deep-end gives you a place to stand and rest.

6. Wide-open swim area makes exercising in your new pool easy and fun.

7. Auto-cover ready to help you keep your new pool safe and clean.

Aspen fiberglass pool








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