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Your Questions, Answered.

The following is a rundown of common questions and also essential events and items to be aware of during your installation. 

It will describe different installation pieces, essential steps that take place, and at which stages we collect separate payments, as well as FAQ.

Image by David Lezcano


 This variable will not be included in the actual cost of the pool contract. To help you budget, an ESTIMATE would be between $4000 and $5000. However, it will vary based on additional items, such as new electrical panels, auto cover, heat pump, etc. If you choose to do your electric, there are items to consider. #8 grounding /bonding wire (halo ) that needs to surround pool border and connect to any metal, handrail, rails for auto cover, etc.


 Concrete is also an item you, the homeowner, can contract yourself. If you choose to have a regional pool group subcontractor, your price will be noted on the contract. 

Sump Hole

The Sump hole is a 6' deep "8 diameter hole installed with your pool installation. It is located at the deep end within the 3' perimeter of the pool. The sump hole is for you, the homeowner, to check the water level in the ground around the pool. If it is filling you up, the homeowner is responsible for submerging a pump in the hole to lower the water. The homeowner is responsible for purchasing the sump pump. As you are responsible for maintaining the water level and functionality of the pump 

Items not covered

 Driveways or sidewalks, Fences, Playsets, Septic systems, Water lines of any kind, Internet, and or Power lines

Provided chemicals 

you will receive start-up chemicals. If you have a salt pool, we will provide bags of salt. 


Regional pool group is only responsible for a rough grade in areas other than the 2' border around the pool. Suppose any graded work has to be done beyond this area. In that case, there will be an additional charge either by RPG or referred contractor. See the proposal initially sent 


Permits are the homeowner's responsibility, but RPG will assist and help with it. In the state of Ohio, we will handle all permits. For the final inspection, we will need your help as there are items outside the pool installation that you are responsible for 

Can we just buy the pool shell?

This is a common question, and our answer is, of course!

We offer an Assisted install program that allows us to sell you just the shell and then offer a limited amount of help for parts of the installation process you may not be able or willing to handle on your own. 

Pool School

You will receive your pool school and answer any questions when your pool is complete. Depending on weather, concrete, and inspections, pool school will be scheduled not long after the pool installation is done. 

Will we work with your contractor? 

Regional Pool group is happy to work with any contractor you have on-site that maybe already building your new home or your current hardscape or landscape design firm. 


Gas is an additional charge if getting a gas heater. You can utilize your own or a referred contractor. 

Bonding Beam

The Bonding Beam is the last item that bonds the pool to the ground. It is a requirement for fiberglass pools. It is a concrete beam poured around the perimeter of the pool. It is not included in the installation of your collection. However, it is noted on your proposal as an additional price, then agreed upon and possibly added to your contract. 

Payment schedule

RPG payment schedule will be set for specific events. You can combine payments so as many checks don't have to be written. All payments are defined below. Initial deposit; Agreed amount at the signing of a contract. Deposit; This is an amount paid roughly 30 days before the pool is due to be installed. Pool Arrival; Agreed amount at the arrival of the pool. Pool set; This is an agreed amount when the pool is set in the hole and leveled. Pool equipment; Arrival of pool equipment. Final payment; This will be expected once we have completed installation with the surrounding 2' area around pool prepped and ready for bonding beam, equipment running, and pool school given. There could be other potential payments scheduled and agreed upon at the point of sale, such as concrete, cover, or some other upgrade we may offer you. These don't affect the completion and final payment. 

Initial Cleaning

you will receive one initial cleaning after install during pool school. We will schedule this according to concrete and system running. 

Provided chemicals 

you will receive start-up chemicals. If you have a salt pool, we will provide bags of salt. 

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