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Everyone Loves Sun Day

Pool Sizes

15'  x  30'

16'  x  34.5'

16'  x  39'

Everyone loves Sunday. No to-do list, no errands to run, no work to be done. So drop your devices, and forget your chores. Sun Day is here!

1.  Large landing pad with side entry stairs is an ideal spot for youngsters to play.

2.  Large open swim area is great for games, lap swimming and water activities.

3.  12" deep sun shelf and swim-out are perfect for easy entry and exit, and for soaking up the sun.

4.  Wrap-around benches give you tons of room to visit and relax.

5.  Non-skid surface on the floor, benches, and steps is easy on your feet and your swimsuit.

6.  A courtesy ledge around the deep-end gives you a place to take a break and stand.


Sun-Day fiberglass pool







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