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Water Chemistry

Balancing Your Fiberglass Pool's Water Chemistry

Necessary Equipment: Water test kit, Salt test strips, Chlorine tabs, Liquid chlorine shock, Salt, Ph Increaser/ decreaser, Alkalinity increaser/decreaser, other Misc. chemicals as needed. 

Testing the water

Ensure balanced and safe water chemistry.

Balancing pH

Maintain the ideal pH level (typically between 7.2 and 7.6).

Note: If you have a Salt water chlorine generator your ph will natuarally rise as it create chlorine. Be sure to keep ph decreaser on hand.

Chlorine and Sanitizers

Maintain proper disinfection levels.

Adjusting Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness

Keep alkalinity and calcium hardness within recommended levels.

Note: For preventative maintenance, keep an algaecide-specific chemical on hand. We recommend Algea break 90 and add a half bottle every 2-3 months. if your pool ever turns dark green, balance your water, then add 1-2 gallons of liquid chlorine and an entire bottle of the algaecide. Be sure to leave your pool running and to brush and vacuum the entire pool. 

We hope this information has helped you.

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