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Experience Ease of Maintenance with a Fiberglass Pool from Regional Pool Group

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Durability: Fiberglass pools from Regional Pool Group are known for their durability and long lifespan, made from strong, crack-resistant fiberglass.


Quick Installation: Fiberglass pools can be installed quickly with minimal disruption to your property.


Less maintenance and chemicals equals more free time for you


High-end design features like tanning shelves and benches


Smooth surface won't snag swimsuits or cause scratches on skin

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Regional Pool Group has been installing pools for over 25 years, and our sales staff has been in the sales field for over 40 years. We utilize top of the line pool equipment as well as our philosophy of honesty, integrity, and mutual respect. 


We understand that price is important - having a quality product for years to come will outlast the short-term price reservations for a long time.


We stand by our workmanship and will make sure everything is to your liking; this starts by setting the right expectations upfront. Then, just like our contract, we'll ensure we're on the same page.


Thursday Pools is the industry's only ISO 9001-certified fiberglass pool manufacturer. They set the standard in the fiberglass pool construction industry. Our quality is based on a strict regimen of implemented systems, and we have developed multiple methods to ensure the quality of our pool installs.


Our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable and that the job is done right the first time, with the best quality control and care. We are confident in our ability to be THE company you can trust to turn your backyard into your family getaway. 

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